Free March Makeover

Hair Extensions Salon in Tampa Florida

Long, beautiful, gorgeous hair…. the type of hair that you would die for…   How many times do you see someone and wish you had the time, the opportunity or the funds to give finally get the look you’ve always wanted?  

For our next episode of Beyond Salon, we are looking for one lucky lady to join us for a 100% free, top-to-bottom hair transformation. On the house.  Extensions, new color, whatever you like.

How to win?  Send us an email detailing why you, a friend, or someone you love could use a brand new, gorgeous Beyond Salon makeover.  We will pick one winner who will join us this upcoming March 30th for our next show, #SpringHair.

This is the third installment of Monaco’s new online series Beyond Salon.  The show provides education, entertainment and a behind the scenes look at how owner Krista Abad manages to maintain Monaco’s reputation as a destination salon in the Tampa area.

So come join us!  Get your hair done up how you’ve always wanted, and have a blast while doing it.  We hope to hear from you soon!
Notes: Emails must be sent to  Makeover will be on March 30th, starting around 5-6pm.  A pre-reservation consultation may be needed.