Hottest Hair Styles for Fall

Hair styles for Fall are showing messy buns, braids, center parts and shorter styles. Get inspired by the latest trends, then trust the stylists at Monaco Salon in Tampa to give your look an update that will take you into the holiday season!

Hair Color in Tampa: Hair Trends 2014

Get the hottest hair color in Tampa! Brunettes and red heads...why not revamp your style with gorgeous fall hair color shades of plum browns, copper reds, and rich dark chocolatey browns? And for those with fairer tresses, add richness to blonde hair with some deeper golden highlights, creating a beautiful, buttery blonde.

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Fall Hair Colors 2014

Fall is here so why not add as splash of the season to your hair color.  We all know that summer time is for the blondes but the fall is all about the reds.  If a fiery red is a little too extreme for you, start with a few lowlights of copper to put a […]

Hair Color Correction: Can You Undo a Hair Color Mistake?

It’s a shame to leave the salon with the wrong hair color. It’s also a shame if you decided to color your hair and didn’t do it properly. The whole point of coloring your hair is to improve your appearance, but without the right hair color, you may end up looking worse. Unfortunately, hair color […]

Revamp Your Image through Block Color Treatment

There are times when a change in hair color is all you need to revamp your whole image. But changing one’s hair color can be a bit tricky. Fortunately, there is a hair salon in Tampa specializing in hair color treatments that may help you out. The Trend: Block Color Hair salon professionals in Tampa […]

Silky Curls By Paul Mitchell Products

The hair is the crowning glory of every woman and is the main reason why they get stressed in the morning due to a bad hair day or the wrong outfit. Paul Mitchell products have the ability to turn dull frizz hair into soft, smooth, and manageable curls. With proper maintenance, you can kiss your […]

Socap Hair Extensions: Questions Answered

Women want or should we say, must look good all the time. Women are expected to be like this and yes, there is pressure on the female species to always look their best. One of the common beauty concerns of women is the hair. Many women like to wear long hair but are having trouble […]

The Truth About Split Ends

AAARRGGG!!!  We all know we have seen them but try to ignore them…  split ends. Ladies, we pick at them all day when we’re at work, home, in line at the supermarket, on the phone and even when we are inevitably bored.  So what are the causes??  Over processed hair, the smoothing iron every day, […]

Natural-Looking Hair Extensions are Always Best

There are many types of hair extensions available today. There are those that are weaved, glued, and clipped unto hair.  No matter what type of hair extensions you choose, the important thing is to choose those with natural hair strands. Why Chose Natural Hair Extensions? Undoubtedly, hair extensions with natural hair strands are of better […]