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Use the Tools The Pro’s use @ Monaco Tampa Hair Salon                                        Hair Salons in Tampa / A curl best friendHair Salons in Tampa / A curl best friendSo it is one of the worst human trates known to man and of course we all want what we do not have….  People with curly hair want straight hair and people with straight hair want curly hair its undeniable so since we have already talked about our smoothing irons now its time to get into our curling irons.. Paul Mitchell Pro Tools of course has many options to choose from.  So lets get right to it the first curling iron I am going to talk about is the Express Ion curl which also comes in an XL version.One has a 1 inch aluminum barrel and the other has 1.5 inch barrel and both create flawless curls, ringlets or waves.  Both irons are ceramic so they both offer incredible healthy and shiny end results.  Irons have a digital tempature control and a locking button so you will never accidentaly turn them off.  With a maximum tempature of 400 degrees you are guaranteed to have maximum staying power with your curls so you lovely ladies with fine hair that say your hair never holds a curl these irons will work time and time again.  Our NEW edition to our tools is the Express Ion Curl Turnstyle.  This iron has a 1 inch rotating barrel so this means ladies no more burning your self…  You simply clip the hair on the barrel and rotate at the base with your finger tips.  Double ceramic heaters ensure even tempatures upto 440 degrees.  On of my favorite benefits  is the automatic 2 hour shut off so if you leave and forget to turn the iron off it simply does it for you so no worries..  Of course the ion complex is helps create beautiful curls and or waves with extreme shine and managability.  So if you are one of those ladies who loves curls there are plenty of options within the Paul Mitchell Pro Tools that will offer you what you need..  Stop by or call one of our hair salons in tampa for a hands on style consultation. Use what the Pro’s use here at Monaco Salon and Boutique.

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