Are you a MITCH Man @ Monaco Tampa Salon

MITCH @ Salon Monaco in South TampaAre you a MITCH Man @ Monaco Tampa SalonSo now that you have been introduced to MITCH let me tell you about how this brand is going to be an asset to your arsenal of styling tools.

First I want to tell you all about the Double Hitter which is the only cleansing tool within this brand.  The Double Hitter is a 2-in-1 Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner all in one with a hearty lather it leaves the hair full and healthy looking with a fresh scent.  Next on our MANgenda is Barber’s Classic which is a high shine pomade with moderate hold.  This tool works through the hair quickly with a comb or your fingers.  Tames curls and waves with smooth control also is great for a classic look.  Our next MANtastic tool is called Clean Cut which is a semi-matte styling cream with a medium hold.  Clean cut has a natural finish that will not look over styled as well as a subtle texture that works great on any hair type.  Our next tool will definetly MANage your hair through the day.  Construction Paste is a elastic hold mesh styler.  So what that tells me is this tool has a flexible webby texture that is great for messy, undone styles and is also crunch-free with no flaking.  Next on our MAN-u is Steady Grip which is our only gel but do not under estimate his power.  With a firm hold and a natural shine this gel has a alcohol free formula which fights flaking and drying it also makes the hair look and feel thicker and fuller. You dont have to mind your MANners with this next tool.  Hardwired is a maximum hold spiking glue which is a must for your spiked up extreme looks with its powerhouse hold that lasts as long as you want it to.  As hard as this tool may get it will still distribute evenly through the hair and will not flake out.  Your hair definetly will not look MANerexic with our last tool in out tool box.  Reformer has a strong hold with a matte finish it’s pliable putty gritty texture still has a powerfull hold and also helps bulk up fine or thin hair. So with all the features and benefits MITCH has to offer are you ready to MAN-UP for the most extreme salon experience you have ever had????  Remember MITCH is not just any man its every man wether your going for Harry Potter by day or Twilight by night MITCH is the tool to get you results your looking for…

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