Eyelash Extensions

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For eyelashes that are ready for anything!

Imagine waking up every day to the longer, darker and more noticeable lashes you've always dreamed.  Bold, sexy lashes before you even apply mascara!  If your lashes have become thinner or more sparse with age, then you'll love the instant boost you'll get with eyelash extensions.

Micro Lash Extensions add natural length and volume

Monaco Hair Salon in Tampa offers professional semi-permanent eyelash extensions applied by our experienced lash technicians.  Our micro extensions are totally safe and are applied individually to each of your own natural lashes. These lashes are so realistic that even up-close you cannot tell that they are not your own!  These are not the "strip" or "individual clump" lashes many are familiar with; but, rather, micro lashes that are fused directly one-by-one to your own lashes for a totally natural appearance.  Our technician will place the individual lash extensions in order to frame your eyes and add length and volume where you need it most. In this un-retouched before and after photo, the guest is not wearing any mascara or eye makeup.

  • Add instant length and volume
  • Create a more youthful look
  • Results last 6 to 8 weeks

Eyelash Extensions are completely safe – the primary ingredient in their exclusive adhesives is the same as that used by plastic surgeons to close wounds without stitches.

Don’t trust your eyelash extensions to just anyone – Monaco’s Eyelash Extensions professionals are thoroughly trained in the safe application and removal of lash extensions to give you the sexy, long lashes you desire.  Call for a free eyelash extensions consultation to know if they are right for you.

Before & After Lash Extensions in Tampa at Monaco Salon

Monaco Salon Guests Love Their Eyelash Extensions

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Eyelash Extensions Prices

How much to eyelash extensions cost?  Pricing will depend on the service.  Your first service will be the longest in order to apply a full set of lash extensions.  In order to maintain your lash extensions, they will need to be filled in your natural lashes shed.  The natural lash shedding cycle follows a 4 week cycle, with a portion of lashes starting to shed after a week.  The sooner you come back to have them "refilled" the less expensive the service will be.

Full Set Level 1 Classic $150
Full Set Level 2 Classic $200
Full Set Volume $275
Lash Fill Level 1 Classic $60
Lash Fill Level 2 Classic $60
Lash Fill Volume $85
Lash Lift and Tint $85
Lash Lift $75
Lash Tint $25

Care and touch-ups of your Eyelash Extensions

When applied and cared for properly, eyelash extensions will last about six to eight weeks, depending on the individual.  Natural eyelashes are shed on a regular basis, which is completely normal, and when the natural eyelash is lost, the synthetic lash will fall with it.  Touch-up applications are necessary every two to four weeks to maintain a full eyelash line.

How to keep your natural eyelashes looking beautiful

  • Do not cleanse your eyes, shower, swim or use a sauna for approximately 24 hours after application.
  • Always be gentle with your eye lashes, and refrain from using an eyelash curler.
  • Avoid any oil-based make-up products and eye make-up remover.

Beautiful Bride – Wedding Eyelashes

It is your big day and you want to look your absolute best!

Our beautiful wedding eyelash extensions will give you glamorous, sexy and unforgettable eyes.

Speak to our Bridal Eyelash Extensions specialist and look simply stunning on your special day.