Flat Iron Tips: How to Create Multiple Looks


Flat iron tips and tricks are easy to achieve when you have the right tools.

We have flat iron tips that will blow you away! Here are 3 styles that you can create with our flat iron tips, and they are anything but flat!  Did you know you could create so many looks with a flat iron?

Flat Iron Tips: Use a Good Tool!

When it comes to Paul Mitchell flat irons, we are big fans.The Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth and Ion Style are our best selling styling irons for a reason!  Not only do they leave hair silky and smooth but they cut styling time in half with their quick heating capability.

When purchasing a flat iron of any make or model, look for these features to assure the best performance and minimal stress on the hair:

  • quality heating mechanism for even heat and fast styling
  • 400 degree settings to style hair in just a few quick passes
  • ceramic plates for high shine without damage

At Monaco Salon, we take great pride in showing you how to get the most out of your styling tools every day so we’re happy to share our flat iron tips.  After all, we pros use the flat iron for more than smoothing and straightening!  With these flat iron tips you can switch up your look with just one styling item.


Flat Iron Tips: Crimp Your Style

Crimping is easy and the effect is casual and current. To create this look, begin with straight hair. Grab a one-inch section of hair and position the iron at the root. Start twisting your wrist back and forth, slowly, as you glide the iron all the way down to your ends. Repeat until all strands are perfectly crimped!

flat iron tips waves

Flat Iron Tips: Create Cool Waves

You can achieve sexy, undone curls by starting with the flat iron near your scalp. Wrap a one-inch section around the flat iron plates as you turn the flat iron away from your head. Continue pulling the iron down the section of hair until you reach the ends. Repeat until your entire head is covered with lovely curls.

flat iron tips bed head

Flat Iron Tips: Create Tousled Texture

That bed-head look is usually achieved by not washing, but now there is a way to get this sultry look on shower fresh hair. Use a sea salt spray generously on dry hair. Braid your hair in sections, and run the flat iron over each braid, let cool, then undo to reveal that coveted roughed-up effect.

When working with a flat iron at high temperatures, it’s important that you keep the tool moving.  You want to avoid singing the hair by pausing, or by going over the same section too often.  For more tips and styling advice, come and see us at the salon! We are happy to give you a styling consultation so that you can get the most out of your beauty tools.  Our guests say we are the best hair salon in Tampa, and we are ready to make sure your hair has never looked better!

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