Great Lengths Hair Extensions: Total Hair Makeover

Great Lengths Hair Extensions: Total Hair Makeover

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Are you ready for a total hair makeover?

Many have a preconceived notions that hair extensions are just for adding length, but there are several other benefits that come along with extensions! Whether you are looking to add volume to your limp and lifeless hair, or are wanting change your hair color without a total commitment, hair extensions are perfect for just about everyone!  Have you heard about Great Lengths Hair Extensions? 

Great Lengths Hair Extensions are the best of the best.

They are a superior quality of hair, and use a unique thermal attachment method that eliminates any possible damage to the hair.  A unique keratin bond helps the hair extensions stay in place for as long as possible, in through washing and styling.  Only 100% human hair is used, and it is always sourced ethically from Temples in India.  The donors are fairly compensated and treated with care.


Great Lengths Hair Extensions for Volume, Length & Texture

If you are struggling with limp or thin hair, volume is just what you need! By adding extra layers of hair in between your natural locks you can easily add life back into your look. Many find that their hair stops growing after a certain length before it starts to look unhealthy. With Great Lengths Hair Extensions you can achieve length that not only looks natural but also healthy!  Extensions are a great way to improve the overall texture of your hair. Great Lengths hair extensions are sure to give you a smooth and silky finish after styling every time!

Great Lengths Hair Extensions: Color without the Commitment

A major benefit that is often looked over when it comes to hair extensions is how they allow for instant coloring freedom! Great Lengths hair extensions come in 40 natural shades and fashion colors too.  So many amazing hair colors, from subtle to extreme, so that you can have blond highlights, low lights, ombre hair color or balayage.

At Monaco Hair Salon in Tampa, we know Great Lengths hair extensions. And we have the elite status of being certified by Great Lengths.  That means we are extensively trained on how to work with them, how to custom match your hair and how to remove them without any damage.  With Great Lengths hair extensions you can have natural, full and lovely hair. We are ready to get started today! Now is the perfect time to book a free consultation.