Manicure and Pedicure Tips from Our Nail Salon

Salon Monaco_NailsHow much time do you spend caring for your skin and hair? Now, think about how much time you spend caring for your nails? Many people believe that they don’t really need to care for their nails as much. As long as it grows, it’s fine. You should know that nails have supplements too and when nails lose these supplements, it needs to be replenished. Otherwise, your nails will look dry, dull and unhealthy.

Getting a manicure and pedicure isn’t just about getting some nail polish and making the nails look pretty. It’s about keeping your nails healthy. The Tampa nail salon offers different types of nail services. To give you a head start on deciding which service to get, here’s the usual list:

  • The Basics– The basic manicure and pedicure starts with the hands and feet soaked in warm soapy water. This softens the dead cells so it can be easier to remove later. After soaking, the nails are trimmed and the hands and feet are scrubbed. The nail technician will clean the cuticles and apply nail polish afterwards. The basic package also includes a few minutes of hand and foot massage.
  • Nail Spa– The nail spa is a more special package. Aside from the usual manicure and pedicure, the nails are treated with special ingredients that makes the experience more relaxing. These ingredients will depend on the nail salon. Some salons offer hand and foot scrub plus massage in the package.
  • The French Way– What about a pretty and simple nail service? The French manicure and pedicure is elegant and classic. Basically, the process is simple except when it comes to polishing and shaping the nails. You can choose to shape your nails oval, round or square.
  • Paraffin Nail Treatment– Apart from the basic package, the Paraffin nail treatment uses a waxy substance that is wrapped around the hands and feet. This treatment helps hydrate the skin.

A nail salon will offer several other services, these are just the most common. Depending on the nail salon, they can also offer nail art and other spa services. What’s important is that you look for a Tampa salon that is highly experienced in providing nail services. People are always willing to pay for quality and unique services. Men and women find nail treatments very relaxing and a good way to pamper themselves. After all, our hands and feet work hard every day and they do need care and attention.