Medium Length Hairstyles

Medium Length Hairstyles

Medium length hair (hair to the shoulders or collar bone) is really a magical length! Medium length hair has the flexibility of long hair, great for a bun or ponytail, but it can also look great down. Even though you don’t need a wand to pull it off, there are a few tricks involved when it comes to getting the right cut. Here are some medium length hair styles that are both trendy and versatile. If you are ready to try a new look for the holiday season, mix it up with any of these sassy and chic cuts.

Medium length hair looks great with layers!

Medium length hairstyle Monaco Salon TampaAll-over layers are ideal for fine, wavy hair because they give a full look! By adding texture to medium length hair, it give the appearance of a full and voluminous style. All it takes is a little mousse, and you can let it air-dry. This cut is always in style and is very low maintenance.







Medium Length hair can go Ultra-Straight

Straight medium length hairstyle Tampa Hair SalonIn a sea of beachy curls, this ultra sleek look is very chic. The clean lines are especially flattering on round faces but this look will truly look good on just about anyone. While this look is clearly great for those with naturally straight hair, curlier types can achieve the style with a flat iron. If you are ready to chop off some length in favor of medium length hair, then this is a great style for you to consider!







Medium Length meets Shaggy

Shaggy medium length hairstyle Tampa Hair Salon This look is laid back and very trendy. The unique aspect of this cut is the texture because it makes it look quite effortless, and the bangs keep it modern. If you have a round or oval-shaped face, ask your stylist for brow-skimming fringe that angles down near the temples; this will help it blend into the rest of the cut. If you want a simple and far from overdone look this should be your first choice!







Medium hairstyles are the perfect way to change up your look for the holiday season.

Here at Monaco Salon, we offer the best hair cut and color services in Tampa. Whether you are looking for a short hair cut, a medium length hair style or hair extensions, we are dedicated to making sure that our guests think Monaco is the best salon in Tampa. We offer professional advice and consultation to understand our guest’s hair type and style preferences. Monaco Salon is ready to meet with you and transform your look this season.

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