Natural-Looking Hair Extensions are Always Best

There are many types of hair extensions available today. There are those that are weaved, glued, and clipped unto hair. No matter what type of hair extensions you choose, the important thing is to choose those with natural hair strands.

Why Chose Natural Hair Extensions?

Natural-Looking Hair Extensions are Always Best
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Undoubtedly, hair extensions with natural hair strands are of better quality than those with synthetic hair strands. Synthetic hair extensions are made with plastic nylon strings. This makes it impossible for this type of hair extensions to be styled.

In contrast, natural hair extensions can be styled in a hair salon because they are made from natural hair. Hair color salon even accepts dye treatments for natural hair extensions. Why? Because hair color easily adheres to natural hair. It will be easy for hair color salon stylists to find a shade of hair color that matches your hair. The same goes when highlights are to be applied. This is why in Tampa, hair salon professionals recommend this type despite being more expensive than the counterpart.

Strand by Strand Hair Extensions from Salon Monaco

As one of Tampa’s premiere hair extension lounge, we provide one of the best and natural-looking extensions out there. Our technique involves the tedious process of attaching extensions on your natural hair so that it moves and flows like the real thing. After the attachment of extensions, styling and coloring is also done for a full transformation.

Care and Maintenance: Tips From Salon Monaco

One maintenance tips to keep your hair extensions natural-looking is to remove it (if it’s a clip on) before going to bed. If it’s attached or glued, you can opt to wear tie it loosely in a bun to keep it from getting tugged on while you move in your sleep.

Second is to avoid washing your hair it too often or too aggressively. Shampooing ever other day should be enough to keep your hair (and scalp) clean and healthy.

Finally, if you can’t remove the extensions on your own, go to a hair salon so they can do it for you. Just like Salon Monaco, we offer strand by strand extension removal. For more on hair extension services in Tampa, take a look at our hair extensions at Monaco Hair Salon.

If you have more questions regarding hair extensions, don’t hesitate to call us.

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