Perfect Date Night with Hair Treatments

Is your hair’s BFF a flat iron? Have you spent too much time sunbathing this past summer? How about those highlights you’ve been indulging in? Have they finally started to take their toll? You’re not alone.

paul-mitchell-2It’s about time you do something about your hair problems especially since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It is recommended for you to have dry hair treatments. If your hair breaks easily, no longer shines and feels sticky, extreme moisture hair treatments will nurse your strands back to health.

Here are some tips on how you can get the best out of hair treatments:

Go gentle with your products. Hair treatments are very common for teens and younger generations because this is the start of their curiosity. They tend to try every hair product available in the market just to be in with the trend. Treat your hair like an expensive fabric, and it will last longer and look better. Stay away from harsh hair cleansers and always use accessories that are hair friendly such as elastics. When trying to create a clean and tight finish, rely on natural gels and sprays instead of pulling them tightly to achieve them.

Take folic acid and biotin. Hair treatments do not only focus on the external care, nutrients that come within help bring out the natural glow on your skin, hair, and nails. Biotin has shown to supplement hair health, length and thickness; thus intake of extra nutrients is sure to keep hair treatment less expensive.

Deeply condition your hair. Hair treatment focuses on deep conditioning, where they try to restore your hair’s youthful glow. Having a regular visit to your most trusted salon will keep your hair updated on the best hair treatments in the market.

Use leave-in conditioner. Conditioners that you rinse out in the shower will do little to repair dry hair, but a leave-in conditioner will add extra protection that stays on strands as you heat style and go about your day. Apply a small amount of leave in conditioner before you blow dry and apply another layer right after to keep the style sealed.

Follow these tips and have that perfect hair on your Valentine’s date!