Prom Hairstyles

Prom Hair Styles are Staying True to Runway Style

From sleek and structured all the way to loose and undone, prom hair styles are echoing the looks we’ve seen at the Oscars and the Spring fashion shows.  We are here to fill you in on what will keep your prom look fresh and inspired! No matter what dress you choose to go with, make sure that your prom hair style compliments your dress.

Graduation-and-Prom-Hairstyles Tampa Hair Salon

Do you want to show off a fancy neckline or an open back?  You may want to have your long hair in an updo. If you have a simple strapless dress, you can show off your shoulders and add drama with a vintage half-up style. You’ll want to consider how your hair will either accent or cover up parts of your dress

There are so many options, your stylist will help you sort through all the pics of your favorite prom hair styles to find the perfect one to balance the amount of hair you have and the dress you have chosen.  Here are some prom hair styles to give you some ides to share with your stylist!

For more on haircuts and hairstyle services in Tampa, take a look at our hairstyles at Monaco Hair Salon for inspiration.


Monaco Salon has the latest prom hair styles

Monaco Salon can help you achieve any of the prom hair styles on your wish list. Book your reservation now, and we’ll make sure that your hair will look just as good as your dress!  Be sure to bring us a pic of your dress, front and back along with the jewelry you have in mind. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today at 813-870-1709.