Revamp Your Image through Block Color Treatment

Block4-225x300There are times when a change in hair color is all you need to revamp your whole image. But changing one’s hair color can be a bit tricky. Fortunately, there is a hair salon in Tampa specializing in hair color treatments that may help you out.

The Trend: Block Color

Hair salon professionals in Tampa are now using a new and bold method in dying one’s hair. Block coloring, or simply block color, is the latest and hottest trend when it comes to changing hair hues. Unlike other traditional hair coloring methods, block coloring uses three tones of color to give movement and balance to one’s hair.

The Method

Block color uses the same method as a highlights treatment. But that is not to say that a block color hair treatment is the same as a highlights treatment. Block color uses two or more different colors in big pattern sections to achieve shine, dimension, and depth. So if you are interested in trying a block color, be prepared to see radical change in the way you look.

To blend hair hues naturally, block color sectioning is usually started at the top flat part of the head then pivots down as the hair is broken into sections. The actual block coloring, however, is started from the hair at the back of one’s head, moving forwards so that hair naturally falls back into place after the treatment.

Stylists Matter

The key to having a successful block color hair treatment is to choose a very good hair stylist or hair color specialist. Since this type of hair color treatment uses two, three, or more hair colors, it is important that your hair color specialist knows how to blend hair colors properly. The hair stylist should also know the tone of colors that will suit your features well. Several hair color mishaps happen due to mismatched or inappropriate hair colors.

Another important aspect when dealing with block colors is the haircut. As you and your hair stylist know very well, haircuts and hair colors affect each other. There have been times when a hair was cut after a hair coloring treatment and it looked extremely different. As such, it is always advised by professionals in the hair coloring industry to discuss the haircut that you want first before proceeding to the actual process of block coloring your hair. This gives the hair stylist a visual cue of the “canvass” on which he or she will put on the hair colors. For more on hair color services in Tampa, take a look at our hair color at Monaco Hair Salon.

Block color treatment is a unique approach to your hair color. For more, questions consult with your hair color professional now.