Pumpkin Spice Hair Color

If you are looking for seasonal hair color ideas in Tampa, come to the Paul Mitchell hair color experts at Monaco Salon.

If you’re feeling a little nostalgic for autumnal scents and flavors, then you’ll love these hair colors inspired by the season. Pumpkin spice hair color is back along with Gingersnap.  These two seasonal hair colors are trending again this year, so here’s how to know the difference.

The pumpkin spice hair color is all about deep and rich hues of copper and red, while gingersnap favors brown tones. If you truly want to follow the pumpkin spice trend exactly then stay away from browns or chestnut shades. If gingersnap is more your style go with a chocolatey finish! The goal in the end is select a hair color that best suits your eye color and skin tone. When it comes to warming up your hair color, trust the experts at Monaco Salon in Tampa.

The look of Pumpkin Spice Hair Color:

Pumpkin spice hair color monaco salon tampa Pumpkin spice hair color monaco salon tampaPumpkin spice hair color monaco salon tampa

The look of Ginger Snap Hair Color:

Gingersnap hair color monaco salon tampa Gingersnap hair color monaco salon tampa Gingersnap hair color monaco salon tampa

Customization is key especially because we are all different. Depending on your skin tone there are certain variations of this trend that might look better than others. If you have an olive skin tone, coppers and light browns are really suited for you! If your skin is pale deep reds will look stunning against your complexion.

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