The Truth About Split Ends

AAARRGGG!!!  We all know we have seen them but try to ignore them…  split ends.

Ladies, we pick at them all day when we’re at work, home, in line at the supermarket, on the phone and even when we are inevitably bored.  So what are the causes??  Over processed hair, the smoothing iron every day, a lot of sun, being too rough with the brush, using products that contain a lot of alcohol…the list goes on and on.  Fortunately there are ways to help prevent split ends or even slightly repair them.  At our Tampa salon we have the remedy or the cure for your stressed locks.  Deep conditioning treatments do help with split ends but if you are dealing with a lot of the annoying little guys then the only way to remove them is with a good and frequent haircut.  We have several treatments at our Tampa salons to choose from on our Wash House menu to help customize to your needs of the condition of your hair. Also you may need a cut so why not trust the experts here at Monaco salon in Tampa to help create a new look that helps suit your lifestyle.

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