We do not flat iron hair we SMOOTH our hair @ Monaco Tampa Salon

Use the Tools the Pro’s use  @ Monaco Tampa Hair SalonWe do not flat iron hair we SMOOTH our hair @ Monaco Tampa SalonWe do not flat iron hair we SMOOTH our hair @ Monaco Tampa SalonSo far I have introduced you to the Pro Tools and gave you the features and benefits of 0ur amazing blow dryers.  Today we are going to go through a journey with some of our hot tools.  So I just want to let you know from the start the difference between a Paul Mitchell iron and our competition.  The standard Flat iron is prone to not giving the hair  even heat and the reason is think of the inside of your blow dryer what you see is a bunch of metal coils which are obviously heated by electricity eventually over time these coils tend to burn out which is ok for a blow dryer as long as the hot air is still being produced but most of the irons today use this same coil system which is not good for a iron that you have for everday use.  The reason why is now you are getting un even heat distribution on the hair which is the reason why the hair is not getting straight or smooth.  So what the average person is doing is running that same iron with that same uneven heat distribution on the same hair strand and just burning the hair and drying it out..  Now with that being said the Paul Mitchell Pro tools gives you 2 options as far as Smoothing irons go.  Yes I did say Smoothing iron not Flat iron..  Would you like your hair flat or SMOOTH??  Yes there is a big difference between the two.  The first iron I am going to present to you is the Express Ion Smooth 1.25.  This is our #1 bestseller this is a very versatile iron.  The main use of this iron is to create nice smooth end results.  This iron heats upto 400 degrees in just 60 seconds, this iron also has a 9 foot swivel cord.  The plate is a 1.25 inch cushioned pure ceramic plates.  You will always get healthy looking results with incredible shine.  The next iron on my list the Express Ion Style 1.0.  This iron is what we call the trixtster the reason why is you can create smooth, wavy or curly and everything in between.  My favorite feature about this iron is the 2 silicone strips that polish the hair in just one pass faster styling.  This iron has  1 inch cushioned ceramic plates.  Also this iron heats upto 400 degrees in just 60 seconds.  Leaves each strand noticeably shiny and conditioned.  So now that I have educated you in detail about some of the features and benefits of or Express ion irons I would like to invite you to come to our tampa hair salon for a styling consultation with these two amazing tools.  Use what the pro’s use and every stylist at our Tampa Salon uses.

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