Best Balayage Hair Color in Tampa

Balayage Hair Color is Glamorous and Versatile

Balayage, stemming from the French “balayer,”  the verb to sweep, remains one of the most in demand hair color techniques, and it’s not just for blondes anymore.  The balayage hair look remains one of the most in-demand hair color techniques because the results are both glamorous and versatile at the same time. Balayage creates soft, natural looking highlights that are more subtle than foil highlights.
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Balayage hair color, sometimes referred to as hair painting or hand painting, is a technique that can be used on any hair color to achieve highlights or lowlights.  As opposed to traditional highlighting which uses foils on very small section of hair, the balayage technique focuses on larger segments of hair.  The pigment or lightener is applied with a brush and allowed to air dry.This free hand technique yields a less “piecey” and more blended look than foil highlights.

Whether you want highlights to be focused around your face or crown, or concentrated on the bottom lengths of your hair, the hair color experts at Monaco Salon in Tampa can give you a flattering look.  When it comes to balayage, like many things in life, less is more.  The artists at Monaco Salon have a lot of experience is creating beautiful, classy balayage looks. 

Balayage technique gives beautiful results for just about every hair color.  The possibilities are endless.  From blonde balayage to a balayage ombre with fashion color, your stylist can create the hair color of your dreams.  Check out some of our balayage pics taken of some of our Monaco Salon guests.  Dark hair balayage and red hair balayage can both create stunning results.

Schedule a balayage hair color consultation at Monaco Salon in Tampa.  Call our Tampa Hair Salon at (813) 870-1709

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