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best hair color salon in tampa

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Monaco Salon is synonymous with hair extensions and hair color. When it comes to color skills and experience, our team is exceptional! Whether you’re a fan of dimensional lived-in color, head-turning reds, or sneaky peeky highlights, our team of expert hair colorists is ready to help you create your perfect look, with or without hair extensions.

NEW: Request a Free Hair Color Consultation!

If you've been to Monaco Salon for your color, you know that each color service starts with a mini consultation. In many cases, there's no need to book a separate visit because we build in a few minutes to discuss what are we going to do today. However, if you're planning a BIG color change, a totally new color and cut, or if you think you need a complex color correction, you can request a separate color consultation using this form. We'll schedule a separate appointment just to talk, so we have more time to look at your inspo pictures, walk through your options, and give you a good idea of the cost of the service. 

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Dimensional Blonde

Dimensional blonding is a popular service at Monaco Salon, and foil highlights are a great way to achieve the look. This technique applies lightener from roots to the ends, using heat and foils to lift the color, and is very effective for adding brightness the hair.

Lived In Blonde

Root melt and shadow root are terms often used to describe that lived-in blonde hair look. Allowing more of your base color to show is one way of achieving more dimension, or shadow root. After a highlight service, some clients like a single process color applied to the roots to create a darker base or to blur their highlights at the top of the head.

Accent Foils

Accent foils are just a handful of foils placed around the face to add extra brightness, either to add blonde or pops of color.  Accent foils can give you that quick blonde boost in between your regular foil appointments.


Babylights add a natural glow to blonde hair or a few hidden glimpses of color to darker shades. Babylights are achieved with a foil highlighting technique using a lot of foils around your head. In order to create a very natural look, we take finer slices of hair. The result is more delicate than a standard foil highlighting, designed to recreate the blonde hair of youth.


This foil highlighting technique mimics the look of balayage by backcombing or teasing the sections of hair before lightener is applied. This concentrates lightener on the lengths of the hair, making a nice blend between base color and highlighted ends.

money piece highlights monaco hair salon tampa FL

Money Piece

Money Piece highlights add a bright frame of blonde around the face. It's an easy way to freshen up your look without a lot of fuss. Add chunky brightness to the front section of hair that falls around face, up to 10 foils. A great way to lift your complexion with a soft grow out phase.

Shades of Copper and Red Hair

Red hair is more than just a color, it’s an attitude! Red hair can look great on just about anyone, but the trick is finding the right tone and brightness to flatter your skin tone.

When choosing your shade, we'll consider your unique skin tone. The goal is to select a tone that complements and enhances your complexion rather than competing with it. For those with cool or fair skin, we might suggest a shade with hints of copper and auburn. These cooler tones can beautifully contrast with fair complexions, creating a striking look that won't overpower.

If your skin tone leans toward the warmer or olive side, you may find that vibrant scarlet and ginger shades harmonize best. These fiery reds illuminate your complexion and bring out the warmth in your skin.

Even individuals with deeper and richer skin tones can embrace red hair, and the right shade can create a stunning. Mahogany or dark cherry can be both regal and enchanting on deeper skin tones.

Brunette Hair

Whether you’re thinking of becoming a sexy brunette or just want to freshen up your brown hair, our expert color artists can give you the look you want. Rich Brunette, Deep brunette, warm and cool brunette, dimensional brunette, ask us about the best shade of brunette for you.

All Over Color

With an all over color, women and men can achieve a complete color change, camouflage grey hair or simply touch up root regrowth.  With so many shades to choose from, like gorgeous strawberry blonde, rich red and deep chocolate brown, our artists will help you choose the best shade to complement your features and your cut.

A consultation is included with each hair color appointment.

At Monaco Salon, every color appointment allows a few extra minutes so that we can discuss the look you have in mind. Our color experts can make suggestions based on your eye color, complexion and the coming season.

Book a Color Appointment at Monaco Salon in Tampa

If you're ready for a new color or a color touch up, give the color experts at Monaco Salon Tampa a call on (813) 259-7555 or book an appointment online.

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Reviews for Monaco Salon

"Alexa is INCREDIBLE!! went in go back to my natural color and see what we could do about my heavily damaged ends (I was platinum for about a year). She did a perfect color match and a wonderful bond rx treatment " -Christina U.

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How to Care for Color Treated Hair

Use products that are safe for color treated hair.
Use a shampoo that is safe for colored hair. The sulfates and detergents found in most daily shampoos are harsh, and can strip the hair of natural oils.  Without the hair's protective oils, your hair will feel dry, and the color molecules can leak out causing your color to fade.  Condition hair with a color-safe formula conditioner to give the hair's hydration a boost.  This will keep the hair soft and supple, and help seal in the color to prevent fading. If hair feels dry, add a 5 minute conditioning treatment each week.