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Get a great new hair color at Monaco Hair Salon.  When it comes to hair color, even the smallest change can make a big difference in your look!  From subtle highlights to head-turning color, from balayage to rainbow hair color, our service at Monaco Hair Salon in Tampa begins with a complimentary consultation to discuss your new hair color, assess your skin tone, eye color and hair condition, and discuss how to maintain your new hair color.

Get a top-notch Paul Michell hair color experience at Monaco Salon in Tampa 

As an exclusive Paul Mitchell Salon, we stock our Color Bar with the best professional color products at our hair salon in Tampa. We start with high quality pigments and developers so that we can create the best hair color in Florida. Our highly trained team of color artists will create the perfect color for you.  Monaco’s hair artists are very experienced and continue to train with the best in the industry and will advise you on the best hair colors and hair color techniques.  You will leave our Tampa Salon with the hair color of your dreams! 

When in doubt, start with a consultation

Not sure what you want? Book a hair color consultation. At Monaco Salon, we offer a complimentary consultation so that you can talk to one of our artists about the look you want, and we can make some suggestions based on your facial shape, eye color, complexion and the texture of your hair.   Just call (813) 870-1709.

Our Hair Color Services

Indulge your color craving from an ever expanding palette of colors. Whether you want maintain your current color, cover grey hair or make a statement with bold fantasy hair color, Monaco Salon has the hair expertise. 

All over color, grey hair coverage, root touch ups: single process color

With an all over color, women and men can achieve a complete color change, camouflage grey hair or simply touch up root regrowth.  And our Paul Mitchell professional hair color products will leave hair feeling silky.  With so many shades to choose from, like gorgeous strawberry blonde, rich red and deep chocolate brown, our artists will help you choose the best shade to complement your features and your cut.

For adding dimension: highlights, lowlights, accent foils

Hair color can be used to accent your eyes, the lines of your cut, and the shape of your face.  If you want to flatter your skin tone, add some highlights or lowlights. Highlights will lift your hair color, while lowlights deepen your color.  Lighter, beachy blonde highlights are a great look for the summer months. Or add some drama to lighter hair by adding lowlights. To emulate the look of born-with-it natural blonde hair, add both highlights and lowlights. 

To fix hair color problems: Hair Color Correction

Are you wondering how to remove hair color or hair dye? Perhaps you tried a semi permanent or permanent box color at home.  While a hair color disaster can be stressful and upsetting, it is best to seek advice from an expert hair colorist. Trust the experts at Monaco Hair Salon, our artists know all about hair color and correcting a catastrophe. 

It is possible fix a bad hair color, a hair dye that turned out too dark and even fix a bad balayage.  However, it can be a complex process but at Monaco Salon in Tampa, you’re in safe hands!  We have the skills and experience at correcting hair color to mask or reverse the telltale signs of a botched color job. 

Telltale signs that you need hair color correction:

  • hair color is too looked much lighter on the box
  • blonde hair appears orange or brassy
  • bands of color where pigment has overlapped previous color application
  • bold hair color has faded and looks washed out
  • blonde hair has green tint from

Learn more about our premium hair color services

Visit the following pages for more details on more of our hair color services.

Blonding including platinum blonde hair, opal hair and rose gold hair

Ombre hair (color melting)

Balayage (hand painting)

Fantasy Hair Color like vivid color, rainbow hair color or mermaid hair color

Browse our favorite pictures from around the web for your hair color inspiration.

Silver/Grey Hairstyles

Blonde Hair Inspiration

Blondes have more fun, get your favorite beachy warm blonde with the blonding system from Paul Mitchell and be the blonde you have always dreamed of.

Red Hair Color

Red hair is more than just a hair color, it’s an attitude! Anyone can have red hair, the trick is simply finding the right tone and brightness.

Brunette Hairstyles

Whether you’re thinking of becoming a sexy brunette or just want to freshen up your brown hair color, our expert hair color artists can give you the look you want.

Dark Brown and Black Hair Color