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Balayage & Handpainting at Monaco Salon in Tampa

money piece highlights balayge handpaintingWe are the experts at creating lived-in hair color with balayage.

Balayage is a foil-less brush technique used to add natural, subtle-looking highlights.  The artists at Monaco Salon in Tampa have mastered the art of beautiful lived in color and have experience with balayage for all hair colors.

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What is Balayage Hair Color?

Balayage, the French technique for sweeping highlights, is one of our most popular services - and it's not just for blondes. This handpainted look remains one of the most in-demand hair color techniques because the results are glamorous with an easy grow-in.

Balayage vs Foil

The handpainting technique is different than foil highlights although both use a brush.  The type of lightener used is also slightly different. In balayage, the artist paints each section of hair as desired as compared to foil highlights where lightener is stroked on each section from root to tip.  If you've tried both, you'll notice the shade of your highlights get a different, richer result with balayage. 

Balayage looks great on everyone!

Balayage gives beautiful lived-in results for just about every hair color. Brunette balayage and red hair balayage can both create stunning results. The possibilities are endless. Using lightener or color, your stylist can create the hair color of your dreams. 

Wet Balayage

wet balayage monaco salon tampa

Yes, it's a thing! Performed on wet hair, this balayage technique reduces the time spent in the salon and it produces beautiful end results! On damp hair, the lightener starts to work right away. And if we're adding color as well as lightening, we can cut down on processing time because we can deposit and lift at the same time on wet hair. If you're looking for subtle results and you're short on time, as us if wet balayage is right for you.

Foilayage or Foilage

When you wrap your balayage with foil, you get foilayage. What's the point? Some people love the natural look of their balayage but want to see a touch more blonde. As soon as lightener is applied to your hair, it begins lifting the color. As soon as it dries, it's done.  Wrapping hair in foil extends the dry time, resulting in that extra lift for brighter highlights. No matter how you say it - or spell it - we'll know what you mean!

Color Melt Hair Color

Just as popular as balayage, Color Melt is the new up and coming dimensional color. Using shades that are close to each other, a color melt also creates that lived in, easy hair color. But there is less contrast than a traditional balayage, so the colors literally look like they're melting together.

Don't get hung up on the lingo. Tell us what you like or show us your inspiration and we'll combine techniques if we need to.

Book an Appointment at Monaco Salon in Tampa

Give the color experts at Monaco Salon Tampa a call on (813) 259-7555 or book an appointment online. No need to request a separate consultation. Your appointment will begin with a consult to discuss the look you want and how obvious you want your highlights to be.

5 stars reviews balayage Monaco Salon TampaReviews for Monaco Salon

"I absolutely LOVE Monaco, they have always treated me with respect and kindness. Their staff is the best of the best and they always do a fabulous job. Highly recommend to anyone looking to walk out feeling like a super model." Allie B.

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