Hair Extensions Care 101

hair extensions care Monaco SalonWhen it comes your daily hair extensions care, it is important to keep in mind that your hair must be well maintained in order for it to look fabulous. If you want to keep your extensions looking and feeling fresh for months on end, it is essential that you clean, brush, and style them with the utmost care. Here at Monaco Salon, we are proud to be the best hair salon in Tampa for hair extensions. That is why we want to make sure our readers have access to the best information on hair extensions care. With that being said, here are just a few hair extensions care tips to get you started!


Because hair extensions do not have the natural oil supply that your growing hair does, they must be washed often to eliminate product build up. Depending on the type of extension you have, the cleaning can be done right in the shower along with your natural hair. Remember to use shampoo and conditioner made specifically for your extensions to maintain their integrity. Spend extra time lathering close to your roots where your bonds are. The biggest hair extensions care tip though: be gentle. Don’t yank and pull so hard that you tear out your bonds.


The first important note: DO NOT USE A NORMAL COMB. You must use a loop brush to ensure that you do not catch your bonds and rip your hair out; this can be devastating and painful. When you brush start from tip to bottom, working any tangles out slowly and patiently.


Hair extensions can be styled with a curling iron or a straightener just like your natural hair.  But heat styling your extensions can be the most damaging if done incorrectly. Before straightening or curling your tresses, lightly spritz a heat protectant spray over your entire head of hair. Also, use a low setting of heat, 300 degrees is hot enough! There is no need to scorch your locks as this can cause breakage and irreversible damage.

model 4 collageIf you are ready to transform your look, come to Monaco Salon, the best hair extensions salon in Tampa! Call the salon and request a complimentary consultation with our master extensions stylist, Krista, who is certified by several extensions manufacturers.  Read more about Monaco’s hair extensions and see before and after pictures of our work.

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