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hair extensions correction Monaco Salon in Tampa

We adjust and fix hair extensions problems...

even if your hair extensions were purchased and installed at another salon.

Properly fitted and installed, your hair extensions should look and feel fantastic! No one should know you're wearing hair extensions, and there should be no visible bonds. The extensions, their texture, and their color should all blend in seamlessly with your natural hair. If your hair extensions are uncomfortable, falling out, or causing damage to your hair, schedule a consultation or make an appointment with a certified pro at Monaco Salon.

Are your hair extensions in need of help?

As hair extensions increase in popularity, there are a growing number of salons offering hair extension services by hairdressers that have little or no training. This is one of the reasons why so many women have poorly fitted hair extensions that either look unnatural or cause damage to the hair.

  • Does your scalp feel tender or do some extensions feel too tight?
  • Can you see a line of attachments around the top of the head?
  • Despite adding extensions, dos your hair look straggly?
  • Do you have patches of hair that tangle easily or look frizzy?
  • Do you see obvious color transitions or hair that clearly doesn't match?
  • Do you have extensions falling out or breaking off?

Removal of Hair Extensions

If you are uncomfortable or unsatisfied with your extensions, don't add to the problem by attempting to remove your hair extensions at home! Unless of course they are clip-in extensions designed to be applied and removed easily at home. Hair extensions should only be removed at a qualified salon. Removal of a full head can be safely achieved in 30 minutes. If not done correctly, you can cause serious damage to your natural hair.

Book a Hair Extension Correction Appointment at Monaco Salon in Tampa

If you need Hair Extension Correction or Hair Extensions Removal, give our Tampa Hair Salon a call on (813) 259-7555 or book an appointment online.

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