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Hair Toppers - Volumizing Extensions for Thin Hair & Hair Loss

Learn about our two types of toppers - our Petite Topper and our Trend Topper. Both are made of 100% European hair with a base made of lightweight breathable mesh. Wear them overnight! No clips, no adhesive, no shaving.

Our long-wearing human hair toppers are installed using our proprietary technique which allows you to wear your topper full time, enhancing your hairline with a natural, secure, and elegant look. Hair just like your own. No bulky clips or snaps, no more worrying if your topper is mislaid. Move with confidence. More and more women are turning to toppers to round out their style.

  • Color, cut and style them
  • Wear your hair up
  • Sleep and shower with them on

Hair Topper by Krista Abad at Monaco Salon

One-third of women will experience hair loss (alopecia) at some point during their lifetime. Two-thirds of women of all ages experience thinning or bald spots. On this client, Krista applied a topper along with two rows of weft extensions for the perfect balance of volume and style. With customized hair color and subtle makeup for a natural look, the transformation is remarkable!

What is a hair topper?

Think of toppers as hair extensions for the top of the head. Instead of multiple wefts, a topper is a single piece that ranges in size. Hair toppers are a blessing for thin hair and do a wonderful job of concealing sparse areas especially along the part line, bang area and around the temples. Our toppers can also fill in volume and extend length, just like hair extensions.

Hair Topper vs Hair Extensions

If you have thin hair or hair loss, a hair topper will do what hair extensions cannot. A topper creates that natural looking, healthy volume at the top of the head, perfectly proportioned to mimic natural hair. Hair extensions can create the volume on the sides, but if you have thin or sparse hair on top, then a hair topper will literally round out and complete your look.

The perfect permanent hair topper?

More and more hairstyle-conscious women are asking about toppers, and now they have a 'round the clock option. Traditional toppers fasten with snaps or clips, so they are applied/removed each day. With our permanent hair topper, you leave your topper in place while you sleep, swim or shower. And that's great news for those with more noticeable stages of thinning hair or hair loss who want 24/7 coverage.

  • Natural looking because it's human hair
  • Long lasting, secure fit
  • Perfectly matched to your color

Krista searched for years to find the perfect "low density" top of head piece! Finally, the wear-ability of hair extensions with the coverage of a top piece. Lightweight, breathable, no wig look, no wig feel. Krista says it's the most natural looking hair topper she has ever seen!

  • High quality European human hair
  • No bonding glue, no shaving
  • Comfortable, breathable, very discreet
  • Round the clock wear 4-8 weeks between maintenance
  • Custom colored to match your hair
  • Topper lasts 18-24 months with proper care!!!

Our proprietary attachment method

Our toppers are designed without clips or adhesive, and it's designed to securely stay in place long-term. Don't worry, we've perfected our technique so that we totally hide the edge of the topper from all angles- even around the hairline.  (We get that hairline question a lot!)

Topper Maintenance

Your topper will be professionally installed so you don't have to worry if you're "doing it right." After 8 weeks, your natural hair will have grown quite a bit, so we'll have you in for a maintenance visit. We'll remove and reposition your topper. After another 4 weeks, you'll come back for another short maintenance appointment so that we can tighten it. That's it, a simple in-salon maintenance routine that alternates between repositioning and tightening.

Customizing Your Topper

We have different options when it comes to customizing your topper so that you get the coverage where you need it. Of course, we customize the color to match your hair. But equally as important as the color is the size. Our toppers are available in multiple sizes which is key to creating an undetectable look.

  • Small: Used for adding volume around the crown
  • Bangs: Fringe pieces for adding fullness around the face.
  • Large: Used for volume with fuller coverage to the top and sides

Also know that our hair toppers can be combined with other types of extensions to build the perfect look all around your head. It all depends on what you want and what you need.

"I've always had light hair and I finally have something that fills it in. And I feel beautiful."

Common Questions About Our Hair Toppers

What does low density mean?
When we refer to your topper as being low density, it does not mean the hair is less dense. You're definitely getting the coverage you need. Low density refers to the band, the piece that holds the topper together. Krista searched high and low to find a low density hair topper, and this piece is lightweight, comfortable and breathable. Our clients are astonished how there's no tightness, no wig look or feel, and how they don't even feel the attachments. Those benefits are all thanks to "low density!"

Schedule Your Free Consultation

At Monaco Salon, we offer a complimentary consultation so that you can talk to one of our hair extensions experts. There is no cost for the appointment. Get started with virtual consultation by Facetime or Zoom by selecting one of our open time slots.

- Show us your hair

- Tell us about the look you want

- Understand your options

- Get an estimate for the service

- Follow up with an in-salon consultation

Our Before & After Gallery of Hair Toppers

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