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Are you BLONDE enough?? @ our South Tampa Salon MonacoBlondes are Better... @ Monaco Tampa SalonsAre you wanting to take a walk on the BLONDE side??  Lets face it blondes do have more fun!!  Wether you are wanting to be a platinum BLING BLING blonde or you want to be more on the BRIGHT side there are several ways to get you there without damaging your hair.  Here at Salon Monaco Tampa we have several options on how to get you to the perfect shade of blonde you have always dreamed of.  Paul Mitchell has one of the most amazing blonding systems on the market.  Within the blonding systems there are several ways to get you where you want to go in your blonde relationship.  Our Tampa Salon offers Dual Purpoose Lightner which is our on and off the scalp dust free powder lightner.  Some features of this product is the fast lifting base with castor bean oils which helps lift upto 7 levels quickly but gently.  The Lightner is gentle but very strong at the same time with a gentle fragrance for a soothing experience.  The main feature I love is the fact that you do not have to go under the dryer becasue the lightner works off of your natural body heat causing alot less damage for your soon to be golden or platinum locks.  Our next option within our blonding system is called Lighten-up which is a on and off the scalp blonding paste.  This lightner has specially balanced lifting agents that provide a fast even lift upto 5 levels.  This lightner is geared towards the guest that wants a little bit of lift or someone who has a delicate fabric or fine hair which we all know can be damaged very easy.  Now for all my beginers with virgin hair we have a product called Highlift this lives within our color system.  Highlift is hair color with the ability to gently lift the hair and add tone at the same time.  You will only get upto 4 levels so if you want to go blonder we have the other alternatives that we recently discussed.  If you are allready living in that blonde spectrum but you want to change it up a bit we have a product called Flash Finish this product is only for my ladies that are very blonde allready.  Flash Finish is a sheer rapid toner and when I say rapid I mean your processing time is 10 minutes or less.  The nutmeg butter and soy protein adds shine and condition giving you moisturized hair and flawless results.  So wether your looking for a sunkissed look or all over blonde maybe creating some dimension with foils the staff here at our South Tampa Salon are all certified in the blonding experience.  If you would like some information on a  blonding consultation stop by or give us a call.  Summer is right around the corner so why not stand out from the rest with Brilliant Blonde hair.

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