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Going Blonde? Going Platinum? Trust the Blonde Hair Color Experts at Monaco Salon in Tampa

Platinum Blonde Hair color salon Monaco Salon in Tampa

With Monaco Salon and Paul Mitchell, your blonde hair is guaranteed to look classy.

Whether you want to be a platinum bling bling blonde or just more on the bright side, we can make you blonder. Monaco Salon in Tampa has multiple options on how to get you to the perfect shade of blonde. When it comes to blonde hair and blonde highlights, we use Paul Mitchel products. Paul Mitchell has one of the most amazing blonding systems on the market because it offers different types of lighteners which we can tailor to our clients hair type and level of blondness desire. And there is less development time because the lighteners works with your natural body heat. Fine or delicate hair? No problem. We have blonde hair solutions that are safe and gentle for your hair. We also offer Olaplex, a bond building system to eliminate damage during the chemical process.

So whether you're looking for a sun-kissed blonde look or an all over blonde with foils for dimension, our stylists at our South Tampa Salon are experienced in the art of blonde hair. If you would like some information on a blonde hair transformation,  give us a call.

Going Blonde: Find Your Perfect Shade of Blonde at Monaco Salon

Getting that perfect shade is all about balance. Be sure to choose cool, pale tones if you have fair skin and warm, deep colors if your complexion is darker.  Remember, the best blonde hair color is multidimensional to give depth and richness to your look.  A large wash of blonde can be boring unless there are darker and lighter strands throughout your hair. When you talk to one of our artists about blonde hair and which shade of blonde is best for you, keep an open mind if they suggest weaving three different shades throughout your hair, or suggest incorporating both highlights and lowlights however subtle they may be.

View more blonde hair results by Monaco Salon in Tampa

Anybody can go blonde, it's about finding the right shade to make you look fabulous. You can go from very dark hair to blonde hair, but it may take a few sessions.  Or perhaps you were born a true blonde but your blonde hair needs a boost. If you are unsure about what blonde hair color is best for your eyes and skin tone, don't worry. Each hair color appointment starts with a free consultation.

Platinum Card Blonding Technique

The Platinum Card, sometimes called platinum balayage,  is what we call the all-over platinum blonding service performed with the help of foils. A Platinum Card is essentially a modern approach to a bleach and tone service. In contrast to a highlighting service, during a Platinum Card, we foil every piece of hair. This allows us to achieve a pure platinum result without any variation. We foils help us take a client as light as possible in one session because they slow the dry time of the lightener, which gives us more lifting time. The Platinum Card technique give our stylists that extra control because, let's face it, no head of hair is completely uniform in color. Using the Platinum Card approach, your hair stylist can target different zones around the head with different strengths of lightener.

Going Platinum and Icy Blonde

Going platinum certainly makes a statement. And depending on your natural hair color, going platinum may be more of a journey than a destination.  We are the blonde hair experts and if you want to go from very dark to very light, we can get you there, but keep in mind it may not be achievable all in one trip to the salon.  Take your time and do it right, and enjoy all the shades in between.  Watch this short video as Damaris at Monaco Salon explains the journey to platinum blonde hair.

Color Balancing for Blonde Hair

Does your blonde hair wash out your complexion? Does your blonde hair color make you look tired? If you find that your blonde hair has gone too far, talk to your stylist about the best way to tone it down. We specialize in getting blonde hair just right.

If you've been attempting to touch up your blonde at home, or stretching the length of time between color appointments, your hair may need some color balancing! Brassy tones, bands of overlapping color, severe dark roots...these are telltale signs that your blonde hair needs professional help.  Learn about our blonde hair color balancing and color correction services. Hair color is as much a science as it is an art! Your stylist will give you an opinion from a “trained eye” and can offer suggestions on how to adjust your blonde hair so that your natural beauty shines through.

The Many Shades of Blonde Hair

Shades of Blonde Hair
Dimensional Blonde Hair
Dirty Blonde Hair
Platinum Blonde Hair
Caramel Blonde, Butter Blonde Hair
Babylights & Teasylights
Shadow Root Blonde
Pastel Hair Color on Blondes
Blonde Highlights on Brunette Hair
Extreme Lightening

True blonde hair is multidimensional so the best way to reproduce that look is to give depth and richness to your color. A large wash of blonde can be boring unless there are darker and lighter strands throughout your hair. When you talk to your stylist about blonde hair and which shade of blonde is best for you, keep an open mind if they suggest weaving three different shades throughout your hair, or suggest both blonde highlights and lowlights however subtle they may be.

Don't you hate that expression?! Bronde sounds much more elegant! If you have dirty blonde hair - lighter than brown but blonde is a stretch - lightening up can be a beautiful compromise. Your stylist will use your natural skin tone as the guide to finding your best complementary shade of blonde. If you have warmth in your skin, go for a cool blonde, or if your skin has cool undertones, warm it up with a honey blonde or caramel blonde. Go for highlights and lowlights, keeping your darker blonde base but adding in some lighter blond for variation. This will give you a fresh, new look that you’ll want year round.

If you are going for a more edgy look, going platinum is a good way to make a statement. Be careful though, not everyone should be wearing platinum blonde hair. A way to keep it chic is by pairing a pixie cut with your statement color to keep your hair from looking overdone and washed out.

These blonde shades take an expert eye and professional lighteners to lift your hair to that perfect undertone. Warm, honey tones and champagne tones can be achieved.  Talk to your color expert and feel free to show pictures of the colors that you like. You'll get an expert opinion on what will look best on you and how your hair will lift during the lightening process.

Babylights are subtle, blended highlights that resemble the natural blonde hair of childhood.  The babylights technique uses much smaller slices of hair in each foil which yields a more subtle look. Teasylights are also very subtle and remain a hot trend for blonde hair in Tampa.  During a teasylights service, sections of hair are teased, or backcombed, before the lightener is applied. The overall look is lightened without obvious streaks of blonde. It's similar to a balayage effect because of the blended look of the highlights.

The look of a darker root, called shadow root or smudge root, is also a big blonde hair color trend. It not only adds beautiful dimension to blonde hair but it also makes for a low maintenance look because you can go a bit longer in between color appointments. With a rooted look, you will have more of your darker base color showing through. If you don't prefer the undertones of your natural base color, a shadow root look can also be achieved by applying a single process color just to the root area following your highlight service.

Add a little color with subtle accents of pastel pink or purple using highlights or create an all over opal effect. If you are already wearing a light blonde or  icy blonde hair color, adding a pastel color is quite simple! Darker shades of hair will first need to be lightened in order to get a clear color.  Not sure which accent color is best for you? Just ask one of our hair color experts.

Don’t let the blondes have all the fun. Highlights are a great way to add dimensional color to dark blonde and brown hair too. You know how color cosmetics can play with dark and light to sculpt your features?  Some well placed highlights will perform the same magic. With so many looks to choose from, ask your stylist about balayage, color melt, ombre hair and handpainting. You don't have to go blingy blonde, we can create a look that is subtle yet uplifting.

From dark to light, we have mastered the art of the dramatic hair color change. Extreme lightening is possible. If you have very dark hair and would like to go blonde, talk to one of our blonding experts.  They will tell you what you can reasonably expect.  Anything is possible, it just may not be possible in just one appointment. Consider blonde hair as a journey, not just an immediate destination.  Also think about adding Olaplex to your extreme lightening service to protect your hair against breakage during the chemical process, especially if you plan to have a series of lightening services.

Book a Blonding Appointment at Monaco Salon in Tampa

Are you ready for a blonde hair color touch up or even a blonde make over? Give the blonde hair experts at Monaco Salon Tampa a call on (813) 259-7555 or book an appointment online.

We love Paul Mitchell’s Forever Blonde, made with KerActive complex!

Keep your blonde hair looking great. Care for it at home with Paul Mitchell's Forever Blonde. It's a Blonde Bombshell's best friend. Based on a unique KerActive complex, Forever Blonde helps to protect blonde hair. Made with safflower oil, vegetable oils and vitamin E, long lasting hydration and moisture is delivered to each strand and every strand.

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5 stars transparentReviews for Blonde Hair & Platinum Expertise at Monaco Salon in Tampa

reviews blonde hair experts in Tampa
Cindy Powell
Maggie Robert’s is AMAZING!! I searched for a great hairstylist who specializes in highlights & BLONDES. She is TOP NOTCH. She gets my highlights platinum EVERYTIME, without brass anywhere & no breakage. She PACKS them foils in!! I truly adore her. I searched awhile to find what I was looking for & she is it!! She is my permanent stylist!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER.
reviews blonde hair experts in Tampa
Callie T
Kaysie has been doing my extensions for over a year now and I wouldn’t go anywhere else in the Tampa area. I even moved farther from the salon and still make the over 30 minute drive to see her! She is a perfectionist and never lets me leave feeling anything other than gorgeous! I’ve had color by both Melissa and Damaris and they are exceptional at blonde color!! You do not want to miss out on this salon!
reviews blonde hair experts in Tampa
Stephanie Frankel
My hair stylist of years recently retired and I was in need of a professional with the education and experience to color and style my blonde hair. After extensive research I found Monaco Hair Salon & Maggie Roberts. She took the time to explain my hair, expectations and answered any questions I had. I am so happy I found Maggie and love how my hair turned out! Thank you for making my blonde look amazing!
reviews blonde hair experts in Tampa
Cindy Powell
I can’t say enough about how AMAZING Maggie is she got me bright platinum
reviews blonde hair experts in Tampa
Abby Gonzales
Taylor at the Bay to Bay location did my highlights and color melt. I wanted to go icy blonde with darker roots, and I'm in love with what she did for me! I haven't been to a professional salon for anything in years, and it was such a great experience. I was comfortable, the salon is gorgeous, and Taylor is super nice and communicates everything in a way that's easy to understand how/why the process works the way it does. I left feeling so confident and absolutely in love with my new color. She went above and beyond for me and really made the experience better. Taylor is changing locations to the Dale Mabry salon and I made sure to make my 6 week follow up appointment there with her so I could keep her as my stylist. For a first time at a real salon in years- it was truly the best it could've been.
reviews blonde hair experts in Tampa
Allison Welch
Laura is the best! She perfected my color to look like magazine hair! It looks natural and amazing! I’ll definitely becoming back!
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