Can Hair Color Correction Undo Your Hair Color Mistake?

m215469889It’s a shame to leave the salon with the wrong hair color. It’s also a shame if you decided to color your hair and didn’t do it properly. The whole point of coloring your hair is to improve your appearance, but without the right hair color, you may end up looking worse.
Unfortunately, hair color mistakes do happen. But you shouldn’t fret, because you can still go for hair color correction to correct any mistakes done. For this service, you have to go to a professional salon you trust; the hair experts are the ones who know how to correct a bad dye job. Don’t even attempt to do this on your own as you don’t have a background on mixing colors and even measuring the right heat levels to correct the previous color.
With hair color correction, the hair professional will assess your hair. Most likely, you had several hair dye treatments already and they have to look into that as well. The hair professional can give your hair a lighter or darker shade, whichever is needed. Now if you want to go back to the natural color of your hair or at least close to it, the trained hair colorist can do this too.
Hair color correction can take a while as it may take several applications to get the right hair color you desire in the first place. It is very important that the hair colorist is experienced and trained because a comprehensive treatment is needed. If another mistake happens during the process, this will just make your hair look worst than it was before… and you wouldn’t like this at all. Plus, the more hair dye treatment you do, the more damaging it is for your hair.
After the hair color correction, if the hair colorist did a good job, it will be up to you to maintain the health and color of your hair. It will also be a good idea to go back to that salon so they’ll know exactly what hair color you’re looking for. Deep conditioning treatments are helpful in keeping the hair moisturized. You may also ask the hair colorist for products that you can use at home for maintenance.
Just a note though, doing DIY hair dyes are riskier since you really don’t know how to properly apply the hair color. There are actually techniques to achieve good looking colored hair. Besides, those hair colors in boxes have more ammonia than what salons use.