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Hair Color Care:  How to Maintain Your New Hair Color

Your new hair color will last longer and remain vibrant longer if you follow these essential hair color care tips:

Color Care Tip: Avoid Harsh Ingredients

When it comes to ideal hair color care, this is a big one.  Use a shampoo that is safe for colored hair. The sulfates and detergents found in most daily shampoos are harsh, and can strip the hair of natural oils.  Without the hair’s protective oils, your hair will feel dry, and the color molecules can leak out causing your color to fade.  Condition hair with a color-safe formula conditioner to give the hair’s hydration a boost.  This will keep the hair soft and supple, and help seal in the color to prevent fading. If hair feels dry, add a 5 minute conditioning treatment each week.

Color Care Tip:Shampoo Less Often

Wash less frequently if you can, or use a dry shampoo to refresh tresses.  Rather than shampooing daily, try alternating days. Experiment with just rinsing and massaging hair, avoiding hot water which will just cause color to fade faster.  This will wash out styling products while distributing your hair’s natural oils.  Follow with a color-safe conditioner.

Color Care Tip:Limit Heat

Don’t over do it with heat styling tools.  Use a protective spray designed for color treated hair before reaching for the curling iron or flat iron.  Avoid styling products that contain alcohol, as they can further dry out your hair, which can lead to breakage and more fading.

Color Care Tip: Use Sun Protection

The sun’s rays will not only dry out your hair, but will cause your color to fade faster.  If your hair has been lightened, it could cause those blond highlights to go brassy.  To avoid damage, use a styling product that offers UV protection like the Paul Mitchell line of color safe products, available right here at Monaco Salon. For more advice on hair color care speak to our hair artists at our Tampa Hair Salon.

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