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Spice Up Your Look with Cowboy Copper Hair Color by Monaco Salon in Tampa

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your hair color this fall, you might want to consider the latest trend that’s taking over TikTok: cowboy copper. This hair color blends leather-inspired tones with classic redhead hues, like a classic copper shade grounded with brown. It's warm and rich, not bold or orange, and the transition works well on those wearing a red or brunette shade. Let us find you the perfect shade to complement your skin tone and eye color. Yeehaw!

What is the difference between cowboy copper and regular copper?

Copper hair is vibrant and fiery, and typically has a lot of orange undertones. Cowboy copper is a more subtle and subdued thanks to the brown and caramel hues which knock down the intensity. Cowboy copper is ideal for those who want to add some subtle spice to their hair without going too bold.

How to get Cowboy Copper?

To achieve this look, we might use a variety of techniques depending on where we start. Whether your hair is dark or light, we'll probably need to do an all over color followed by highlights and/or lowlights using either a balayage technique or foil highlights. Or maybe we'll suggest adding hair extensions in warm shades to create a multi dimensional look. As always, the key is nailing the right shades, and blending the colors seamlessly to create a natural look.

Reds and coppers do require extra care to keep hues vibrant. Be prepared to modify your shampoo and style routine at home. If you can follow these guidelines, your cowboy copper hair will look great for a long time:

  • Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to prevent fading and avoid shampooing too often
  • Use a weekly deep conditioning treatment. Hydrated hair holds color longer!
  • Use a heat protectant product before using a blow dryer or hot tools. Excess heat fades color over time!

Not ready for red? How about Toffee & Chocolate?


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If you’re looking for a new hair color this fall, cowboy copper is definitely worth considering. It’s a beautiful and unique shade that will make you stand out from the crowd. Request an appointment today. We'll find the perfectly suited shade for your complexion and eye color. Whether you go subtle or bold, cowboy copper or caramel, you’ll love the way warm and rich shade enhances your features and compliments your style.

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