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Keratin Bond Hair Extensions vs Hand Tied Wefts?

Both are great options for hair extensions, both use individual wefts of hair, so how are they different? Sure, these hair extensions differ by application method, but it's more than technique.  We apply and personally wear all different types of hair extensions.  And although we appreciate both of these methods, there are some notable differences.  The best fit for you will depend on your hair.

Without a doubt, keratin bond hair extensions are trending in Tampa. Salon owner, Krista Abad, opted for a set of keratin bond extensions for the holidays after a long run with hand tied wefts. After two full months of wear, the verdict is in! She loves them, even though she was a skeptic. How could she possibly love them as much as her go-to hand tied wefts?? See her Instagram reel below.

So what's the big difference? Here's our opinion!

Hand Tied Extensions

Hand tied wefts are wonderful. These extensions are applied with a hidden beaded row technique. First, a string of tiny beads is attached near the scalp, then wefts of hair are sewn onto each bead. Section by section, the process is repeated to add as many rows as needed. When you're looking for a LOT of volume, hand tied weft extensions are the way to go. They're ideal for normal to thick hair density, for medium length hair or longer, or for hair that's uniform without a lot of choppy layers. If you have fine hair, or if your current style is short or layered, you may be better suited for keratin bond extensions. 

Benefits of Hand Tied

  • Plush volume without the weight
  • Beautifully blends with normal to thick hair
  • Hair can be removed and re-applied several times

Hand tied extensions will require in-salon maintenance at routine intervals to reposition the hair, but the hair can be removed and re-applied. Learn more about our hand tied extensions.

Keratin Bond Extensions

Also called fusion extensions or keratin tips, these hair extensions are having a moment. They've always been a great option, but as hairstyle trends lean towards shagged and layered looks, the popularity of these extensions are gaining. Keratin bonds are the most discreet, so clients who like to wear their hair up prefer the look and feel of keratin bond extensions over hand tied wefts.

Benefits of Keratin Bond

  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for layered hairstyles and upstyles
  • Durable bonds for long-term wear

With a keratin bond installation, you'll be in the chair longer but the in-salon maintenance will be minimal, and your extensions will last for several months. Learn more about our keratin bond hair extensions.

Ready for a new set of hair extensions?

Come to the hair extensions experts at Monaco Salon in Tampa. Which hair extensions are best for you?  Talk to us about the style you want and we'll tell you the best options for your hair type and texture. 



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