Hair Addictionz Hair Extensions @ Salon Monaco Tampa

Hair addictionz hair now available at Salon Monaco @ 2907 West Kennedy Blvd. Call us for a free consultation @ 813-870-1709.

This new method costs about half of what most other methods cost.
This stylist preferred technique takes approximately 1 hour to put on and 15 minutes to remove.
It looks and feels more natural than other types of extensions.
It requires no special shampoos or brushes.
It is much flatter on your scalp and can be worn up without detection.
It doesn’t look stringy like individuals and does not fall out.
The “HAIR is REUSEABLE” for up to 3 applications with proper care.
It involves no more messy glue.
In most cases helps your natural hair grow healthier and longer than ever before.

Come experience the outstanding quality and look that you can achieve with Hair Addictionz.