The difference between highlights and balayage

Hair highlights require a very specific process and there are a few different methods of going about this. Balayage and Foils are the two popular application methods used today. Depending on the look you are going for one may be preferred over the other.

Balayage Technique

balayageWhen you want a look that is subtle, your stylist might suggest using the balayage technique for your highlights. Balayage is much less structured than the foiling system and gives an effortless, blended result. Using a brush, your stylist will place your color on selected strands, allowing the formula to air dry.  The balayage method allows the colors to slightly mix rather than having an obvious defined point where the dark color ends and the light color begins.

 Foiling Technique
If you are going for a more structured look, or prefer that your highlights look seamless from root to tip then your stylist may recommend foils. Wrapping the highlighted strands in foil focuses the placement of the color, and the longer dry time allows the color to develop and lighten more. Whether you want blond highlights or a mix of highlights and lowlights, the effect will be more precise and defined.

Balayage and Foils each offer a slightly different outcome, but they are both fabulous.
When it comes to choosing between bayalage or foils, it’s important to consult a professional. Balayage and foiling highlights2techniques will each give different results for depending on your natural hair color.

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