Moroccan Oil vs Argan Oil…are they good for my hair?

Maintaining your beautiful, healthy hair goes way beyond the shampoo bottle.

argan oil for hairWe are hearing a lot about ingredients such as Moroccan Oil, and how they can keep hair looking and feeling healthy. Most of us have heard of Moroccan Oil and Argan Oil, and the difference between the two can be confusing. We are here to explain these ingredients so that you can get the best results.

Argan Oil and Moroccan Oil are both popular terms that we see when reading about hair care ingredients.  Even though they sound like different ingredients, they are actually two names used for the same exotic oil.

The perception that they are actually different may come from some hair care brands or hair products that are named after the oil.

What is Argan Oil and what are some of the Argan oil benefits?

This golden oil is extracted from kernels from the fruit produced by the Argan tree, which is native to southwestern Morocco. Argan Oil is a rich ingredient known for a variety of health benefits. It contains very high levels of Vitamin E and fatty acids, and it makes a great moisturizer for the hair, giving it strength and shine. The supply of this ingredient is relatively small, which can make products containing it a little pricey.

The truth about Argan Oil vs Moroccan Oil…

Moroccan Oil is Argan Oil!

Many do not know that Moroccan Oil is actually Argan Oil. Some products containing Moroccan oil often blend Argan oil with additional ingredients like silicone or aloe vera, which are also beneficial to the hair. Many people find that products promoting Moroccan oil in their ingredients tend to be richer.  These added ingredients make the formula more robust, which is ideal for dry hair types.  Hair that is less dry or fine should look for Argan Oil in its pure form for the best result.

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