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Invigorate your senses @ Monaco tampa hair salonMake me Tingle..@ Monaco Tampa SalonThe forecast calls for relief….  Living in the state of Florida can definetly take its toll on your hair and most importantly your scalp.  This is the part of the year where one day it can be nice and warm outside then the next day its is cold and then the next day its rainy all the changes in the weather can take a toll on your hair and scalp so why not do something about it??  One amazing way to help your hair and scalp condition is a hair or scalp treatment and the Tea Tree brand from Paul Mitchell is definetly here to help support a amazing wash house treatment.  With the brand you have three categories Tea Tree Special, Lavender Mint, and Lemon Sage.  Between the three you have options with the wash house menu, or our staff can custom make a experience to cater to your needs.  A few ingredients between the three are tea tree oil, peppermint, lavender and lemon sage.  So let me tell you what these do for your hair and scalp.  The tea tree oil is going to give your hair a really deep cleansing experience helping to remove build up and any impurities in the hair.  The peppermint serves as an astringent which will help with such things as acne, skin irritations also if you have a naturally oily scalp it can help slow down the oil secretion process from your scalp.  The sage helps promote hair growth by stimulating the scalp.  Lemon gives your hair that amazing shine for those of you who are blonde or chemicaly treated we know the hair can tend to look dull.  Lavendar is a very calming and soothing ingredient which helps add a lot of moisture  for dry or damaged hair.  As you can see this brand has everything to offer to help with your hair and scalp condition giving everything the attention it needs.  So why not treat yourself to a Wash House experience today with prices ranging from just $10.00-$40.00 dollars.  Let the staff here at Monaco a tampa salon indulge your senses and pamper you…  For a reservation with one of our specialy trained stylist you can call or stop by for a personal consultation or  inquire about our wash house menu..

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