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Monaco Hand Tied Hair Extensions vs Natural Beaded Rows

If you're doing your homework on where to find the best hair extensions in Tampa, you'll most likely come across terms like hand tied hair extensions, seamless beaded rows and natural beaded rows.  Although a common application method make these types of hair extensions quite similar, there are some slight differences.  Natural Beaded Rows, or NBR, is a brand of hand tied extensions which uses what is called a seamless beaded row application.  We are often asked what the difference is between Monaco’s hand tied hair extensions and NBR extensions or the other beaded row extensions.  We hope the following explanation helps to clarify the similarities as well as the differences. 

Beaded Row/Hand Tied Hair Extensions offer flexibility and fullness without compromising the hair.

Beaded row hair extensions are great for the woman who wants maximum volume with minimal risk to the hair.  Hand tied beaded row extensions are very discreet and they apply in just a couple of hours.  Clients who have worn other types of hair extensions will immediately notice how lightweight and comfortable they are, no tightness or tenderness.  And their friends comment on how incredibly natural they look!

How are Monaco Hand Tied Extensions similar to NBR or natural beaded rows?

Both Monaco and NBR offer a hair extension application that requires no adhesive or heat. Both the quality of hair and the method for attaching the wefts to the natural hair are similar.  Small sections of hair, called wefts, are gathered and fastened by hand, which produces a smaller, more discreet weft than machine finishing.  These hand tied wefts of hair are sewn into beads that have been threaded into the natural hair around the head.

  • Both methods use hand tied wefts in the application without heat or adhesive
  • Both methods lasts the same duration of time
  • Both applications are invisible when hair is pulled up 
  • Both methods allow the hand tied weft hair to be used 3-4 times

What are the differences between Monaco Hand Tied Extensions and NBR?

There are differences between Monaco and NBR when it comes to hand tied extensions, but these differences are more about the components rather than the method.

  • Our wefts have a square base which installs easily both without over flexing the hair horizontally or vertically.  This means no pulling or tenderness.
  • We use different size beads instead of a one size fits all.  We have different size beads for textured hair and hair that is more dense which makes the application more efficient and more comfortable.

Monaco Salon's Hand Tied Beaded Row Hair Extensions Service

  • The cost of the hair (Monaco Platinum Collection)
  • Custom hair color for the extensions
  • A haircut/style to blend in your extensions
  • Before and after photos of your transformation.

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