The Roles of a Hair Color Specialist

TyWhen some people age, their hair either gets darker, changes shades, or begin to turn gray. Most people choose to fight these signs of aging and try to color their hair.

There are several coloring techniques and there are many terms for these types of procedures. Dyeing, coloring, bleaching — they are all part of the hair color industry. In order to achieve the most natural look, most people who opt to change their hair color go to a hair color specialist.

A hair color specialist or color technician is responsible for changes in hair color with reactive chemicals; in this case, a hair color specialist is responsible for identifying the safest and more appropriate product for a hair type.

Before starting to work, hair colorists consult with their guests about their desired look. Hair color specialists are responsible for timing the process to obtain the desired results. They also have the ability to relay general hair coloring rules to maintain their work.

There are several hair coloring techniques that a hair color specialist uses. One common method is the all-over hair coloring technique. The method is typically used in darkening a guest’s natural hair color. It is the hair color specialist’s job to prevent the hair color from dying the skin of the guest. Another one, the frosting technique which was the most popular during the 80s, is a method making use of a plastic hood while the hair color specialist uses a tool similar to a weaving needle to pull small strands of hair out of the hood. The hair color is applied to the external strands, and a plastic bag is placed over the hair.

Aside from the techniques used to make hair color look natural and to achieve the desired look, it is the hair color specialist’s job to communicate the pre and post care of hair coloring to the guest. Maintenance is essential to keep the quality of hair color applied on your natural hair. Failure to follow the proper hair color maintenance may result to hair damage, and of course, an ugly hair with an ugly hair color. Now you wouldn’t want to have that would you?