The Blonde Report

The Blonde Report:  The Latest Shades of Blonde Hair by the hair color artists at Monaco Salon in Tampa.

If you’re fanatical about blonde hair like we are, then you’ll love these expert hair color results by Monaco Salon.  From blonde highlights to babylights and balayage lights, there are so many ways to bring out your best blonde.  Ask one of our artists about the best shade of blonde to complement your skin tone and how adding some blonde highlights can bring your style to life.  

Babylights or Blended Highlights

A hot trend for blonde hair color in Tampa is a very blended look where the highlights are less obvious and seem to melt in with the rest of your hair color.

blonde foil highlights tampa   blonde foil highlights tampa   blonde foil highlights tampa 

Shadow Root Blonde Hair

The look of a darker root, or shadow root, is also a big trend.  It not only adds beautiful dimension to blonde hair but it also makes for a low maintenance look because you can go a bit longer in between color appointments.

blonde balayage tampa   blonde balayage tampa   blonde balayage tampa 

Blonde with Hints of Pastel

Add a little fun with color with subtle accents of pink or purple to your icy blonde hair!  Not sure which accent color is best for you?  Just ask one of our hair color experts.

pastel hair tampa   purple highlights tampa   pink hair tampa

Dimensional Highlights on Brunette Hair

Don’t let the blondes have all the fun.  Highlights are a great way to add dimensional color to brown hair too.  Check out our Monaco Salon brunette beauties!

brunette balayage tampa   brunette balayage tampa   balayage for brown hair tampa

Are you ready for a blonde hair color touch up, or even a blonde make over? Come to the hair color experts at Monaco Salon in Tampa.  Call (813) 870-1709 to make a reservations.

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5 Star Reviews for Monaco Salon’s Hair Color Expertise

49 reviews with an average rating of 5.0
Salon Review Tampa St. Pete FL
Jason Dana Dimsdale
After putting off to get my hair done because of being scared of the outcome I did my research and decided to come to Monaco salon and see Dillon and I definitely made the right choice he was absolutely amazing and truly loves his job I can finally say I found not only a salon but a color expert for life
Salon Review Tampa St. Pete FL
Farida Burenbeiya
I have been to numerous salons/hairstylists everywhere and this has been the best place in Tampa! I'm not exaggerating when I say this, but people have messed up my hair and I always have to come back for color correction. My hair is naturally black, but of course, I don't like my natural color, so I always try to get highlights. Ever since I went to NYC to get my hair highlighted, no one can match that UNTIL I met Dillon at Monaco Salon in Tampa!! He is ABSOLUTELY the best!! The first time I came to him was bc I walked out of a salon with 7 different colors in my hair and bc the salon was closing, they didn't even blow dried my hair! The next time, I couldn't get an appt with Dilon, I was stubborn to go to another salon in Tampa and my hair also ended up having 3 different colors with the front of my hair around my face was yellow/white bleached blonde! Then I politely told the other stylist that I can't have my hair look like that, so she scheduled me for the week, which she ended up not asking how I want it to be fixed, and then my hair turned black and darker than my original hair color! I told her before that I don't like my hair black, red or bleached blonde. Anyway, I'm done looking for a stylist in Tampa!! Going back to Dillon/Monaco, the place is very welcoming. I like the setup they have where you can see the Color Bar while they're mixing the colors. I had to wait a little bit for Dillon to finish working with another customer, but it was WELL WORTH IT!! (You can't rush this stuff and I wouldn't want him to.) He really listened to what I had to say and I like his personality--He is also honest, so talented, funny and gives you advice on what to do without pushing you to buy any of their product line, etc. It also made me feel like he took me in as a "lost puppy" waiting to be saved, haha!! I'm usually open to different styles/colors, but not when the stylists do not listen and let me leave the salon looking a "hot mess"! lol. I hope Dillon never leaves, because like I said, he got the hair color I wanted the first time around, which NEVER happens to my hair. He also cut/styled it and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED (and still do love) IT!!!!!! Thanks so much Dillon!! See you next time!! (:
Salon Review Tampa St. Pete FL
This review is for stylist Billy, who by the way is nothing but amazing. I came to Billy to repair what another stylist had done to my hair. I showed him a picture of my hair that was taken just two days prior to what my color and the style my hair was. All I had wanted was the base roots done and highlights, what I got was a mess with my hair many different colors. I thought for sure my hair would never be the same. Billy’s confidence in correcting the problem was so positive at all times. He had no doubt what he was going to do. I have to admit I was crying as I had already been through so much with a prior stylist. But his confidence and the way he explained everything, why he had to this, and why we had to take things in steps to correct the disaster. As well as making sure he kept conditioning my hair to avoid too much over processing. He removed all of the different colors from my hair, as he put it, I am removing everything that stylist did to you. However, the other stylist over bleach my hair so there was still a lot that had to be done. I started thinking maybe he can do this, again his confidence in himself was, well, what I needed. After he completed what he needed to do for the base color, I had to come back for the final step the next morning. I was so sick when I got home, but I somehow felt he was going to come through. When he completed the final step the next morning and dried my hair I could see that my hair was very close to what it was. My heart was overwhelmed, I could not hold the tears of happiness back. I understood why he was so confident, he knew his trade well. I am a certified general contractor, I know a thing or two about knowing your trade. If you are reading this and you had a stylist just completely take away everything that you trusted, then you need to come to Monaco Salon and as for Billy. He is going to restore the trust you lost. One last word, Billy put hair extensions in my hair right after all the processing. I did not want really long hair just fullness and it to look natural it is really funny because people that see me every day don’t even know that anything happened to my hair, bad or good. Have you ever heard the term, DONE, well that is Billy. You want it this way, sure, consider it DONE ! Thank you Billy