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PM Shines @ Salon Monaco TampaThe Shine Factor @ Monaco Tampa SalonAre you looking for a lease with the option to buy??? What wold you think if I told you I have a demi-permanent color with extreme shine and amazing color results…  Well let me introduce you to PM Shines by Paul Mitchell this is a demi-permanent transulcent hydrating color.  This color is deposit only and ammonia free.  Which tells me that this is very safe for someone who has damaged or dry hair.  The intense hydrating complex (IHC) penetrates deep into the hair shaft to add intense hydration and help replace the ammino acids lost during a chemical service.  Some key benefits and features of PM Shines are high shine with uv absorbers and a soy protein base with a clean fragrance and the fact that we like to call this lunch-time color.  The processing time is only 20 minutes so if your someone on the go this is a great option for you also if you are afraid of permanent color this is great for you as well because PM Shines fades back to your natural tone over a period of time so if you do not like color you will not have to worry about stripping or lightening your hair to get it out.  PM Shines also offers gray blending so if you want to keep somne of your natural highlights and have the color look more natural there is another option for you.  Ok my blonde bombshells its great for you as well for a couple reasons you can tone with PM Shines and we also have a clear top coat to help condition and protect your hair after a chemical service.  We have several color options within pm shines as well so we can mix and match to customize you your own color.  PM Shines is also safe for extensions as well for all of my hair aholics.  So call or stop by and book an appointment at our tampa salon today.  You deserve so shine in your life so let out sylists help you with this customized experience.

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