Bangs: 9 Ways to Rock Them


A New Year can equal a new you, or at least a new hair style. If you have been contemplating a new look, now could be the perfect time to mix things up. Bangs are totally in this season and the best part is they look great on just about anyone. There are some details that you should consider before trying this look out though, so here’s the nitty gritty.

This season, bangs have made a major come back and are expected to be one of the the hair styles of choice for 2016. We are not just talking about your standard bangs though, we are referring to full on 70s style fringe. As the new year is rolling in, a new hair trend is following close behind. Bold, thick, and full bangs are in style and we are going to show you how to make this look your own.

Most of us know that hair trends come in and out of style with each year that passes. 

With most trends, when they come back into style from a previous decade there is always a little twist on the classic style. In 2016, it is essential to keep in mind that although you may choose to embrace a flower child style, maintaining polished bangs is what sets this look apart from the hippie 70s vibe. Make sure that your bangs are cut precisely and remain silky and smooth. Here are a few options for you to embrace this fabulous new trend.

Bangs: Thick and Refined Locks

Bangs for 2016 Monaco Hair Salon TampaUnlike the 70s, the wild child look is out. This new hair trend is embracing this hairstyle of the past, however the goal is to ditch the unkept look altogether. This trend requires your hair to be in place; completely smooth and refined. If your hair is a bit unruly, you can use smoothing treatments or even a bit of argan oil to keep your stay hairs in place. Embrace your flat iron to really achieve this look perfectly.







Bangs: Blunt and Bold

Blunt and bold bangs Tampa Hair SalonIn order to get this look down perfectly, choosing to go with bold and blunt fringe is a good choice if you are looking to make a statement. This hair trend is great for more angular faces but tend to make faces look more wide as a whole. If you have a round face this style may not be best suited for you. If you do choose this variation of the hair trend, be sure to tell your stylist that you are not looking for wispy bangs, rather you are looking for your bangs to cut straight across in a blunt fashion.







Bangs: Full and Polished Fringe

Full fringe Monaco Hair Salon TampaThe 90s was a time where wispy styles were in, however that is not the goal with this new style. Full bangs mean that they span across your entire face, from one end of your forehead to the other. Thick and full bangs just like in the 70s is what you are looking to accomplish. Taking more hair into your bangs is suggested in order to truly get the fullness. If you have particularly thick hair naturally be extra conscious of putting too much hair into your fringe. You can always get your hair thinned to create the perfect balance of fringe for your look.






We know that you are unique and that means your hairstyle should be too. That is why we can make sure that your bangs are cut to perfection and perfectly reflect your style. Allow us to use our professional skills to benefit you in 2016. Now is the perfect time to book your reservation with us at (813) 870-1709 because time is of the essence. The New Year is well on its’ way so take leap and make a change!