Bad Weather Fix

large (8)Women in Tampa do not settle for that dull and haggard look when the weather changes. By knowing how to pick the right outfit and  how to accentuate your style with the perfect haircut, then bad hair days are a thing of the past. There are several tricks you can do to improve your get up to kiss those bad weather look good bye.

1) Hair
Getting a new haircut motivates you to fix and style your hair almost every day. For the rainy days, a short pixy look would give a fresh clean look for you. However, this will require a lot of styling and retouching all throughout the day, but with the right products, your haircut will surely stay as is.
When you are in the mood for a long hair, a messy look is good enough but make sure that it is still tamed as possible. You can fix untamed hair by putting it into a bun to create a beautiful clean model look. Outwit the frizz by applying an even coat of hair shine onto your wet hair.
2) Clothes
Next is your outfit. Most boutiques in Tampa change their line of clothings as the weather changes. They collect the best designer clothing lines and display a great set of get up to give you an idea on what is in for the season.
A classic fitted trench coat with a hood is a good choice when planning on leaving your umbrella behind, but your favorite boutique should be able to provide you with a wide variety especially in color as it may depend on your personality. Underneath the sexy trench coat, maintain the light and comfortable feeling by picking light cotton blouses and cashmere, which are always in style in any boutique in Tampa and would keep you away from the bulky look and feeling.
3) Accessories
Adding accessories and other techniques to your get up will surely catch anybody’s attention. For instance, use a white umbrella to enhance your skin color and bright or lively shades of makeup to make you look fresh and clean despite the heavy rains.